Your Self-discovery Starter Kit

4 February 2022 | General

When I flew the nest, at the age of 18, I generously allocated myself one year to find myself. I emerged from that year feeling more lost than found and recognised my self-exploration techniques needed some fine-tuning. Fast-forward a couple of decades after completing an array of courses and degrees, pursuing different people-focussed career paths, reading thousands of books, listening to podcasts and simply doing life in all its messiness, I now know myself and understand people a lot better.

In each blog, I will share insights and resources that have had an impact on me both personally and professionally in my work as a therapist. I hope that I ignite curiosity in you to continue your exploration. The resources I share are helpful tips for where you might start looking. Don’t stop there- keep digging! I would love to hear from you about gems of wisdom you have unearthed. I am continually learning valuable life lessons from my clients and the people around me.

I also aspire to paint therapy in a new light- away from the darkness that can often be cast on mental illness. Think of counselling as a foundationary tool in your self-exploration toolkit. When you book a therapy session, you invite your therapist to accompany you on parts of your journey that you don’t want to do alone. We walk at your pace, through the sometimes-bumpy terrain, towards a more authentic, healthy and fulfilling life.

I hope you enjoy the blog and your self-exploration journey. Remember to reach out if you want company along the way. I’d love to join you

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