What I love about Walk and Talk Therapy

4 February 2022 | General

Blue Wren Therapy opened its doors just as the Coronavirus had just reached our shores. This was a rocky takeoff for a fledgling counselling business. In the beginning Zoom appointments were a new concept for many and clients were willing to give them a go. And then Zoom fatigue set in. My clients craved face-to-face contact and so did I. This is when I discovered Walk and Talk therapy. By offering face to face counselling outdoors, I could provide the service my clients wanted in a COVID safe way. It wasn’t until I started walking and talking that I discovered the many benefits to outdoor therapy. Here are some of the things I love about it.

The Antidote to Stuckness

How often have you had an aha moment when you walk away from the project or problem you are working on? I have so many insights and ideas pop into my head when I’m walking my dog. This is something I have seen replicated during Walk and Talk therapy. Clients often come to therapy feeling stuck. They either feel that they are going round in circles or standing at a crossroad, uncertain of which way to turn. This can feel paralysing, however, an effective antidote to stuckness is movement. Just by talking about the problem while moving seems to generate new thought patterns and possibilities.

The Multitaskers Dream

Of course, movement isn’t just good for generating ideas, exercise is just plain good for us. Many of us want to exercise more but find it is another thing to fit into a busy schedule. Walk and Talk therapy is perfect for the multi-taskers out there. I’m stoked that I have found a way to incorporate exercise into a mostly sedentary job. Why not work on your mental and physical health and even a dog walk, all at the same time?

Neutral Turf

When clients visit my practice, it is on my turf and they are communicating in a way that is normal for me but maybe very different for them. It seems outdoor counselling helps to even the score by providing a neutral space and natural talking style. Walk and talk therapy also reduces the level of eye contact which can make clients feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Natural Medicine

Simply being outdoors in nature also helps us relax. This is so important because when we are relaxed, we can access our memories and think rationally and creatively. When we are stressed these abilities are diminished. The natural environment also provides the perfect conditions for active mindfulness, these are activities that help us ground ourselves in the present and short circuit the stress response.

Does this sound like something you would like to try? If you are in Townsville and want to give Walk and Talk counselling a go, you can book online here or contact me on
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